The Most Luxurious Chocolate Bar Personal or Corporate Gift

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AdzAdeline Arjad (Adz the Boss)
Chief Chocolate Lover
Phone: (310) 701 7171

What I do: I make it possible and easy for you to design your own chocolate bar. Then my team and I create it ensuring a perfectly delectable result! In my quest for the perfect morsel of chocolate, I began to realize that I wanted MY chocolate MY way! This obsession with the perfect treat led me to start CHOCbite.

I’m a stickler about details and am involved in every aspect of the business. It’s crucial that all of our ingredients be of a superior quality. I’m always on the lookout for something different and better.

A little more: I’m a born entrepreneur, having created several businesses beginning in my early 20’s — from a nightclub in Bath, England to a construction company in Los Angeles, and now fulfilling my dream — a custom chocolate company in Austin. I have a piece of chocolate each night before I go to sleep!


ErinErin Buck
Chief Chocolate Maker
Phone: (310) 701 7171

What I do: I have the most fun job in the company...making the chocolate. I make sure that all our products are delicious and beautiful. Each bar that we make is sent out with a blessing that sweetness be added to each person whose lives we touch. From the making of the bars, to packaging and mailing, to inventory and marketing, I ensure that everything that comes from our chocolate factory is fun, delectable, and memorable.

A little more: My formal education taught me nothing about how to succeed at this job. Here playfulness, creativity, and spunk are key. Having been entirely too serious in my former career, I am absolutely in love with Chocolate! What could be more nurturing and playful than making and creating with chocolate all day?


DarleneDarlene Gonzales
Chief Chocolate (Cocoa) Bean Counter
Phone: (310) 701 7171

What I do: Adeline and the rest of the CHOCbite team make sure that the chocolate tastes great and looks amazing, but I have the arduous job of making sure that the CHOCbite team doesn’t eat up all of our profits…literally.

A little more: I graduated from UT, and love the longhorns!!! Even though I am not in the kitchen for CHOCbite, I am a fantastic cook and am intimately involved in brainstorming with the team for new CHOCtops. (Although Adz nixed my Sun Dried Tomatoes idea!)


LinaLina Tran
Chief Marketing Advisor
Phone: (310) 701 7171

What I do: I assist Adz with her long term CHOCbite planning and strategy goals. She has a clear vision of what CHOCbite stands for, and I align her morals with our actions. I help her stay authentic to her intentions.

A little more: I graduated from UT with a degree in Marketing, and have taught Adeline all she knows about American Football. Even my car is burnt orange!


LauraLaura Valentino Romero
Chief Chocolate Promoter
Phone: (310) 701 7171

What I do: I share my passion for CHOCbite with the community by promoting our fabulous chocolate creations at events, tradeshows, and other fun engagements. Every day I get to combine my love of people with my adoration of fine chocolate.

A little more: I promote CHOCbite alongside a non-profit organization that I created, Send Me Angels, which makes a difference in people’s lives by connecting non-profits, the community, and local artists.